Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trail Work

So I'm going to try this out to see if it works. I'm going to post some pressing things that need to get done out at the farm. If you can, or do complete the task please post a response as to what you have done so others can read and do what ever is next.

1. Cut Trees: Sarah's Revenge "towards end"
White Knuckle Willy "Two trees on first half of trail"
Rippen Edge "1/3 of way in"
Grand Prix "Towards end"
Far Reaches "Tight Tree with pink tape on them"

2. Rebench bad sections on: Rock hard lady
Cassie's Climb
White Knuckle "just a few narrow sections"
Other sections where needed

3. Smooth bank on second creek crossing

4. Weed Whip: Far reaches
Salamander Slide
Sand Box area

Lots more to do but those are some of the areas it would be nice to have a bit of extra attention. As always don't hesitate to grab a weed whip or the brush hog and do whatever your heart desires.

Spring TT Results

Good Turnout for the 1st of 2 time trials this summer. Trails were in good shape for the first TT of the year. Course included everything but Sara's revenge, Cassie's climb, white knuckle, and far reaches single track. Finish time were faster than what I was expecting. Maybe I'm a bit slower than expected... Anyways finish times are as follows:

Lance A 38:58
Randy P 40:57
Kyle E 42:00
Even H 42:15
Mike D 42:20
Tim I 42:23
Parish M 42.27
Brian E 42:56
Dave H 44:50
Bill S JR 44:50
Jeff S 47:08
Brian V 48:03
Marge O 50:00
Dan W 54:30
Bruce T 55:43
Eric J 1:00:30
Richard 1:07:28
Justin 1:07:56

Some folks might want to compare their time to last years which was pretty much the same course + Sara's revenge.

Keep an eye out for more updates.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Beginner Results
Sport Results
Expert ResultsDH Results

What a Race Weekend

First off thanks for everyone who came out to the 13th annual Blockhouse Roll. It was a great weekend from the xc race on Saturday to the burritos and band on Saturday night and ending with the muddy dh on Sunday everything went well.

Bellow are some of my favorite picutres from gales pictures: Upost_signin=Slideshow.jsp%3Fmode%3Dfromshare&Ux=0&UV=663943387992_266586803112&mode=fromshare&conn_speed=1

Some Racing Action

Folks Enjoying the Band

Bringing Down the House

Monday, September 29, 2008

Course Map and Such

Well the course is looking tip top if I do say so. A few minor things before race day and it should be Prime. Anyways I thought i would quick update you all on the course for the different races.

The Beginner race will be about an entire lap minus White Knuckle Willy, Cassie's Climb, and Headlight alley. This means only one creek crossing but both big hills. Expect finish times to be about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes for the average beginer racer. Distance is about 7-8 miles.

The sport race will be the entire lap plus 1 parade lap. The parade lap consists of the field edge, million dollar ride, and rippin edge. This is to space everyone out. Distance is about 12-13 miles. Expect finish times to be about 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes for the average sport racer.

The expert race will be two entire laps plus 1 parade. Distance is 22-23 miles. Expect expert finishers to be anywhere from 2 hours 10 minutes to 2 hourse 40 minutes.

Those are my best guesses since i cant find last years results. I dont have a cyclometer on my bike either so these are the distances I've heard from others.

There are a few short new sections not show on this map...

Also bellow is a little better map with my own editing hopefully showing a little better where the race is. We will have signs on Airport road directing you to the race site.

See you at the race!!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Close

With race day fast approaching there are a few things yet to be done. At this point it's just finishing work but so far everything is shaping up pretty nicely.

One major update is the band. We secured River and the Tributaries for live Music on Saturday night. They are a super cool folk rock band from originally from Dubuque but now residing in Iowa City. I think these guys could go all they way with their music don't miss your chance to hear them live before they hit main stream.

Some other updates include the finishing of the indy drop reroute. Beginners will still most likely go down the old indy drop but sport and expert racers will get to experience the new route. It's super fun!!! Check out kyle riping it so fast he's a bit of a blur.

Also recently completed was some new bridge features for the DH course. Sorry for the bad quality but it's a bit dark in the woods and I'm not the best cammera operator.

Finally I would like to let everyone know that the UWP cycling club will be out on Saturday and Sunday selling some food. Not sure what they all have planned but there should be some stuff avaiable for those not racing and reciving a complementary burrito.