Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hirsch Farm TT Results and Pics

Thanks for everyone who came out to the TT. It was a great night for racing. I hope everyone had a good time. Bellow are the offical results great job for all who finished especially the first time Hirsch farm riders Molly and Rich.

2008 Hirsch Farm TT

Name Finish Time Place

Parish 44:24 1
Evan 45:55 2
Dave 46:55 3
Bill Jr 47:25 4
Mark 47:27 5
Jeff 47:38 6
Brian 48:31 7
Juan 49:57 8
Ned 50:41 9
Sam 51:02 10
Christina 51:07 11
Jeremy 51:32 12
Marge 52:52 13
Bruce 55:23 14
Traci 56:03 15
Karl 58:54 16
Richard 1:00:28 17
Dan 1:00:32 18
Bill Sr 1:02:40 19
Molly 1:26:40 20

Bellow are three of the pics i got while timing. I'll try to post others on photobucket when I get a chance.

First Place Finisher

Last Push up to the Finish

What did I have for Lunch?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Time Trial and Trail Conditions

Well the time trial is tomorrow and I am pumped!!! It should be a great day for it!!

This weekend Dave, Evan, and I worked on a reroute for Indy Drop because of how washed out it got. I picked out a nice deer trail that I thought would turn into a fun and fast DH. It ended up being a bit gnarly than I had hoped. Today I took by first ride down it. The first run I cleaned it alright. I felt pretty out of control and almost crapped myself but I made it. Being the person I am though I felt like I had to hike up it again to see if it was really that tuff or if it was just because it was my first ride down. The second time down proved to be disaster. I got a little loose and boinked a rock with by wheel which in turn exploded. Damn alloy nipples :)

Thanks to everyone who has helped out with trail work this year. After the horrible spring we have had the trails are in great shape. More needs to be done but they are looking good. For everyone who has helped so far thanks again. I also wanted to point out a trail workers best friend the brush hog. This guy has worked tirelessly to help maintain the trails. The nice thing is when he's out of gas you can just add more. "Why cant we get every mall-walker or wal-mart walker one of these, could you imagine all the mowing that could get done!!

I wanted to leave you with a great picture I got of the field at the end of Timber Dr. What a view!!

Volunteer List

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Trails Are In Great Shape!!!

Just wanted to give everyone a update on the trail conditions. The trails are in great shape except for a few sections which need to be reworked. Everything is super fast and looking good. I hope the dry weather holds out so we can get back to some since of normality with the trails. The last remnants of wetness are almost dried out and just need a few more days of sun.

Bellow are a few trail pics from the awesome ride on Friday.

I wish the camera could capture everything else because the pictures just don't do enough justice.